PalaRiccione – Congress Palace in Riccione

If you come to Riccione for your business trip, you already know you will enjoy something you won’t find in other destinations.
The sea is nearby, a hyper-technological congress venue is just a few steps away, exciting proposals for your free hours at walking distance.

Choose our apartments/suites and let yourself be pampered by elegance and comfort, without constraints or scheduled time, surrounded by the beauty that “Viale Ceccarini” can offer in the vibrant heart of Riccione. Do you prefer to relax after a business day? On the terrace you will find the jacuzzi, a good cocktail and the sunset colors.

Congresses and conventions at just one step from us.

The PalaRiccione (just 50 meters from our apartments) is a modern building, a chameleon changing color continuously and suitable to all set ups, thanks to the modular spaces. Five conference rooms dedicated to the most representative women of the ancient “Signoria dei Malatesta” arranged on two levels and with hyper-technological conference services, spaces to welcome up to 2000 participants and a stage suitable for theater performances.

It is a multi-purpose, highly flexible location, that offers the possibility to rationalize spaces according to commitment needs and customize every single event that takes place: conventions, training courses, fashion shows, exhibitions, gala dinner and receptions etc.


Capability of the rooms:






Measures 1117 sqm 580 sqm 93 sqm 93 sqm 93 sqm
Max. seats 1393 seats 608 seats 85 seats 85 seats 85 seats
Modular spaces 3 spaces da ​750 – 590 – 436 2 spaces da ​384 – 176 2 spaces da ​40 – 40 2 spaces da ​40 – 40 2 spaces da ​40 – 40

Enjoy the Comfort

Can you imagine anything more comfortable than forget about your car after parking, as soon as you arrive and walking around the rest of the time? If you moved by train, you will have the same advantages because the train station is just 3 minutes walk away from us. And everything is close to you: the Congress Palace Palariccione, aperitifs on the beach during summer and cocktail bars in other periods, the restaurants where falling in love with Romagna cuisine, the boutiques along the main streets and also the sea with its immutable charme. Walking distance means no longer worrying about cars and parking, enjoying the privilege of reaching the place of the convention and the fun of the post-congress, only a few steps away.